Spike News #34: SplitTesting, Cart Abandonment and more

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Hi there

Next up in our team profiles is the hairy ginger one. Doug fills the role of creative type on the Spike team. His background in Animation and Graphic Design has left him with just enough skill and know-how to tell you why that banner should not be that colour, or why that font is bung.

With years of acting experience, being in bands and even MCing last year’s first annual Beard and Moustache Competition, Doug is no shrinking violet and will not hesitate to speak his mind and get his point across.

In this week’s Spike News, Doug let his geek flag fly with this neon design. He was a kid in the 80s, and the 80s were rad.

Next time around we’ll have another team profile, but in the meantime have a good week and make sure you check out the latest from our blog.
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