Email + Social media – so much better together

Posted by Spike Email Marketing, Online and Retail

We’re so much better together. So says Ben Goodale from justONE.

Despite having a seemingly natural relationship – they both exist in the online space – email and social media are too often treated as separate conversations with the customer. They should in fact be treated as two parts of the same customer experience, and can be used to effectively and easily extend and deepen your relationship with the customer.

I’m not completely convinced Ben and his team believe in email as much as we do. How could they? WE LOVE EMAIL! … It’s nice of him to give it some kudos though. Thanks Ben.

We’ve “played well with others” since day one. That’s because we’ve always believed email should be part of the overarching Marketing Strategy. Not just a tick the box, last minute, get it out there tactic. But a “Let’s get the email marketing team in the room, and see what value they can add to this campaign”. You might be surprised at what more focused heads can do.

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