Spike News #32: Batman, flag design and subject line tips.

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Hi there.

We’ve had a few newbies join the team here at Spike recently so Doug has created a new team “photo” above so you can put faces to names. From left to right we have Doug, Elizabeth, Shane, Chris, Jessica and Glenn. Over the next few editions, we will profile some of the team so you can get to know us all a little better.

It’s an exciting time to be in email marketing. We’re seeing the focus moving away from batch and blast campaigns to relevant, personalised, targeted and localised campaigns. Campaigns where it’s all about engagement and the customer journey. Something we at Spike have been talking about for years! It’s cool to see business get on board. You don’t need to wait for a new CRM either. We have the capabilities here at Spike to do the data crunching to identify and create your customer segments today.

Another thing we wanted to share is we have had great success from in-bound and out-bound SMS campaigns we have run recently. There is still plenty of untapped potential in the simple txt message. Contact Glenn or Shane and we’d be happy to create a campaign concept for you.

Have a good week and make sure you check out the latest from our blog. The team @ Spike.

Email personalisation a must in 2015

The Standout line for me in this article is – “Marketers concerned with inbox overload need to understand that when it comes to the average person’s inbox, it’s just a myth.”

It’s true. Having used Sanebox for several months now the numbers are in on my emails and it’s not the “millions of emails” people tend to talk about. That and the “deluge of spam” are just not happening these days. If it is for you, you need to …

On the subject of good flag design

There’s a flag debate going on in New Zealand and my initial opinion was not to change it … But then I watched this TED Talk by Roman Mars about Flag Design and how it applies to design.

He speaks about how a well-designed flag, a powerful flag, can get more people behind it. People who fly it everywhere because it represents a deeper meaning that resonates
with them …

40 email subject lines research shows your subscribers can’t resist

Your email list is potentially the most important asset your business owns. Search engine traffic and social media play a huge role in online marketing, but if I had to choose just one channel? It would absolutely be email marketing.

The trouble, of course, is you don’t have a hope of building these relationships if your subscribers aren’t opening your emails. To ensure they do, you need a subject line that provokes interest and inspires users to click through and check out what’s inside …

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