Check out the The Sketchy Edition of the June 2015 Spike News

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Hi there

Welcome to the latest, sketchy (sketchy as in the drawing style, not shady-looking — well, them is shading in there) edition of Spike News, It’s good to look at things from a different perspective sometimes. Our design whiz Doug printed out the original (digital, if you will) version of the email, and then sketched over all the images and other visual elements in order to create a more… analogue interpretation.

In the previous edition, we told you we would profile all of the team, and Chris is up first. Chris builds emails, creates and maintains email templates, and dabbles in forms, websites and other email technology. Visual bugs occurring in an email? Chris will track them down using our testing software (and his previous experience agonizing over other glitches) ( … and Google) and squish them.

He’s also the resident grammar Nazi, always interjecting the odd critique of someone else’s copy, and demanding more commas. Always more commas. In his spare time he enjoys being a movie and television buff, playing video games, reading the odd book, getting tattooed, and long walks on the beach — as well as short to medium-length walks on the beach.

Next time we will have another team profile but in the meantime have a good week and make sure you check out the latest from our blog.

The team @ Spike.

Why “Email Blast” embodies the worst in email marketing
We don’t “Blast” at Spike, and that word needs to stop being associated with email marketing. I’m not even sure when it came into play but if you’re using it … STOP!!

This one really ruffles our feathers because it implies that you are shoving a bunch of spammy emails down your unsuspecting audiences throats. Blast away!

In reality, we want email to be strategic, targeted, personalized, and properly segmented. Additionally, we want the content to be simple, direct, to the point, and useful. With this in mind, the word “blast” seems a bit too intense …

Free Delivery… is it destroying your business?
This is quite an insightful article by Malcolm Auld on why free delivery is the last thing you should be offering. Malcolm says that by offering the one thing that could be the difference between making money and not, retailers are potentially sending themselves broke. That can’t be good for business.

Our data analysis shows people often go instore and buy undiscounted or better brands than the ones featured on the email we sent. If your stats are saying something similar, or that for some people delivery isn’t an issue — speed is — maybe it’s time to rethink FREE DELIVERY as a marketing tactic…

Words of wisdom from a wandering mystery millionaire
The linked article contains a list of sound business ideas from a mystery millionaire guru, who runs multiple businesses while sailing around the world with his family. His words of wisdom could very well change the way you run your business(es)…

Who are we?
We are Spike. A passionate bunch of people who get excited over doing email marketing right. We link your email marketing to your business objectives, creating email with purpose, then take the hassle of execution off your hands leaving you to grow your business.