Glenn Edley

The Original Spike.

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In a nutshell

Glenn has been email marketing for the last 20 years. He strongly believes having consistent communication with your customers is the most effective way to stay on top of mind, sell stuff and keep your customers happy.

He is a philosopher at heart. His email series MondayMotivator, bringing you a dose of weekly wisdom, has been sent to 1,000’s of subscribers since 2004. He brings this deep interest in mindset to his daily life and work – whether that be a client call or a round of disc golf.

Having owned several businesses, including a train smash and finding out a business partner was a conman, he understands what it takes to succeed. His mantra of consistency leading to trust, trust leading to loyalty and loyalty leading to people talking about you at bars and BBQs ensures success at every level.

Glenn freely shares his insights on how to be successful online and looks forward to meeting you soon.

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I just “love your Psychology “!

– Peter A


Without a doubt, hands down, 100%, and without question, todays motivator is THE very best, and THE most important.

– Lorraine R


Your messages so often hit the mark with what I need to hear so a huge thank you.

– Shawn


You help people every Monday with an email of brain food!

– Polly


Pretty bloody inspiring to tell the truth!

– Jared T


A great morning motivator today – thank you.

– LR


One of the best pieces I have read.

– Bart E


Well done young man. It’s amazing how often you “capture the mood of the moment”.

– Peter A.


Brilliant………….made me smile.

– Malcolm