Today’s MondayMotivator: What happens when the stain won’t come out?

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Behind every little boy, there is a half-full cup of turmeric and orange tea just waiting to be walked into. Well if you’re our little boy there was, but that’s not a drink he will be having again soon.

This could be a MondayMotivator about rules. Rules set to ensure, or at least try to help with, the smooth running of our household. These rules are not always adhered to by kids who likely think they know better at 7 am. They’re wrong.

So, now we have a stain. One I’ve attempted to make sure has some chance of being removed. My wife gave up instantly as soon as the word turmeric was mentioned. She knows better but I’m not likely to give up until the carpet guys are here putting new carpet down.

What a pain? Not the best way to start off a new day but at least that day is a new school term, yay!

So, what happens when the stain won’t come out?

This is the issue I face with a whole range of things. The extra admin and mind space that has to be dedicated to sorted this out. It happens with so many things. You are distracted by ‘life admin’ constantly. And, it’s hard to get real work done. Or is it?

Maybe, I’m just not working hard enough to be able to block things out and do the work.

However, we’re not going to live with a stain on carpet that is just over two years old and we’re here for the long haul. That’s just not going to work. The stain has to go.

So, I’m asking you today what do you do or what tools do you have to move on and get back to doing great work?

I can park it. I’ve done what I can do right now. I believe there’s nothing more I can do right now. So, I’m writing this. Because I promised I would get it out.

But it’s on my mind to fix it. Bugger.

What do you do when the stain won’t come out?

Do you stay calm? Do you throw your toys from the cot? Your actions at these times is a clear example of how the work on yourself is going. It is a defining moment.

I got on with writing this and it’s ok. Not my best work, but ok. I got it done.

How’s your day going?

Glenn from Spike.