Seize the day! By the scruff of the neck if necessary.

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v0PVrq9 - Seize the day! By the scruff of the neck if necessary.

Ata mārie!

If I asked you what you did yesterday, what would you say?

Probably something right? It was the weekend. It was Mothers Day. You probably did something.

Now, what if I asked you that same question during the week….

Generally, the answer has been, “Nothing.”


That’s like asking a kid, “What did you do at school today?” and getting the answer, “Nothing.” (said in a sullen teenage voice).

Hence I never ask questions like that. Anyhoo.

Why is it that so many people when asked what they did the day before or even that day say, “Nothing”?

How can that be possible? How can a day slip by with nothing of note happening?

I have a possible answer.

Nothing happened because the person was on autopilot and spent 24 hours doing what they do every day in the same manner they do it every day. That’s how!

That’s not winning the day. That’s just passing time until you die. Yip. I just wrote that. Passing time until you die.

Who does that help?


You need to seize the day. You need to make things happen and have an awesome answer for that question.

I did this today? I did it with enthusiasm and focus and I won the day!

I’ll be frank with you and tell you that for me still smiling at the end of the day might be my greatest accomplishment for that day. I might even be forcing that smile until the feeling takes over my body and my mind kickstarts into optimism again.

But, I didn’t do nothing. I’ll look back and know I won that day.

Seize today. Take the day by the scruff of the neck. Make it your own and win the day. Do that four times this week and you’ve won the week. Do that three times this month and you’ve won the month. Do that 12 times this year and you’ve not only won the year you’ve smashed it this year.

Seize today. Make it awesome and have a great week.

Best regards,