What I learned from someone keying my car

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

This is what I learned from how one person needing significance can ruin a good deed.

I went to get into my car on Friday morning after it had been taken to Uni the day before and saw a key line down the side of it…


As I write this a few days later I feel a lot more resigned to the fact my car is now spoiled because someone else left a tyre mark on one of the keyed doors on Saturday. Arghhhhh!

Yes. I like my car. I like keeping it as I got it. Nice. I didn’t park it on my usual walk away from the building. My mistake.

So, today I’m writing about the only fight worth fighting. The only fight you need to fight every, single day.

That fight is against the shittiness.

The shittiness inherent in every human on this planet. Freud pointed it out a long time ago now. People now think some of his ideas were a bit silly, but he discovered something that no one appears to like to talk about. The shitty thoughts we have. The terrible thoughts we fight against because it would lead us to chaos, madness and jail.

I don’t know why I have those thoughts but we do. They come unbidden and surprise me with their viciousness. Yes, somewhere deep inside our brains we are still the dangerous animal we used to be.

As I dived into the situation on Friday, I learned that there are so many things going on that actually show some incredible human spirit. Good people fighting against the shittiness.

For example, the person at the insurance company, who was so nice. The head of security who was so helpful and able to tell me exactly what happened. Even the guys who lifted my car out of the way so that a guy could back his car out, it’s all on camera, were helpful.

Here’s the situation.

A guy was parked in a large gravel car park. He complained to the car park’s security. They came and put a notice on the car to say not to park like that again. The car couldn’t be moved because the parking permit wasn’t connected to any contact details. The guy was ok to stay there but his mates came out of their class and lifted my car out of the way.

Cool. That’s fun. Then. Well then my car was keyed and there’s the shittiness.

Why did they have to key the car? They, being the one person in the group who has no respect for other people’s property.

When looking into the story, even though it makes me annoyed that there is now a repair bill that has to be paid, insurance excess which will need to be paid, another loan car to drive that doesn’t have the cool technology I like about my car. There are still some good things to learn from this whole situation.

When you dive down and look at every single part of it, there are people fighting against the shittiness to be honest and kind and have integrity. It is amazing.

And that friend is why you’re in the biggest fight of your life every time you open your eyes. The greatest and best fight of all. The only fight worth fighting and the one you need to win every day. The fight against the shittiness that lives deep inside you.

Remember, your first thought is not your fault. The next one. The one you act on is.

So, I learned I have more compassion in me than I thought. I learned people are fighting the good fight every day and that needs to be recognised. And I learned that parking the car away from any other cars is still the best thing to do.

Keep fighting! Our lives depend on it.

Best regards,