YourMondayMotivator: When in doubt …

When in doubt say no.

I coined a new motto in the office last week that seems to be working at keeping us focused on what we do and on track with our work.

— When in doubt say no. —


Why no? Because ‘Yes’ just this once means you will do it from now on.

‘Yes, we can look into that’, means you’re likely to be distracted from your core business.

This all relies however on knowing what your core business is. That is what you do that makes you money or makes you happy.

Too often we are happily distracted by chaff. Those bits and pieces we take notice of that do little to help us. I’ve written about this before and I will again because I continue to think about why I/we choose to be distracted.

What is it we want to be distracted from?

To rise above most of the crowd all you have to do is not be distracted for a few hours a day and focus.

Saying ‘no’ will help.

Try it.

Be nice when you say it and it will be even more powerful.

Have a great week.