YourMondayMotivator: What are you working towards right now?

What’s one thing you’re working towards right now? Can’t pick just one? You won’t be alone.
The other evening I was watching a scene in Hounds (excellent TV programme) where the lawyers boss starts a conversation with, “Smell this.”. When they cut back to him he is in conversation with the women at the table.
The initial part of the scene is what got me thinking. I thought, “But what next?”. After ‘smell this’ would eventually come the age old question, “What do you do?”.

It’s an open question

I thought: When? Where? In the shower? At work? At the cafe up the road? At home? It’s an open question. A shallow, light question. One that doesn’t require an answer really, And yet we are compelled to answer it.
What comes out though is generally nowhere near what we do. That would take half an hour or more to answer and you’ve only got a few seconds. There must be a better answer than, “Email marketing”, because who cares really.
I have an idea for this situation. Pick something you are working on right now, just one, and that is your answer. I’m working on [insert your one thing here].

You will appear focused

By saying one thing you will make it important. You will appear focused. And you will be because you can go into every little detail of that one thing.
The flipside to this is giving up asking the ‘age old question’ yourself. It might take a bit of practice and you might not want to get so close to someone. But next time you are in a situation where you would generally say, What do you do?, ask, What’s one thing you’re working on right now?
The answer might surprise you. What comes next might surprise you and you might surprise yourself when you pick the one thing you’re working towards.
Have a great week.
My best.
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