YourMondayMotivator: Pop an Ollie and innovate

On Sunday I watched an excellent TEDx video featuring one of my skateboarding hero’s Rodney Mullen. The title of his talk was ‘Pop an Ollie and Innovate’.
Watching the talk got me thinking about my baby and what she contributes to her community now and what she might contribute later. Then I started thinking about something that happened on Friday before I left for work.
Thursday and Friday are the busiest days of the week at Spike. We are getting all our real estate emails built and tested and our weekend retail emails ready to go. It can get quite stressful.

The trick lives on

This week it really was stressful and I wasn’t contributing positive things on Friday morning. However yesterday Rodney’s talk got me thinking about the morning in a different way. He talked about skaters inventing tricks and presenting them back to the skating community to other skaters who then tweak them or find other places they can be used. The trick then lives on. The contribution becomes that skaters legacy.
So what was I contributing to my closest community and my family by being stressed out, and what would that legacy be?
Keeping this in mind when you’re about to say or do something negative might help modify what comes out.

Positive contributions

Personally I do not believe in good or bad. I believe there are things that move you forward and things that move you backward. Positive contributions will create a legacy that moves you and your community forward. That’s an awesome legacy.
Hope this gets you thinking in a different way too.
My best.
P.S.  I’ve posted Rodney’s TEDx talk on the MondayMotivator Facebook page and you can watch it by clicking here.
P.P.S. MM reader John Brosnan asked me how my press up challenge was going last week and told me that he had started his own – doing 40 press ups a day. Awesome! If anyone else has challenged themselves let me know so we can post it on the MM blog and encourage you too.
This weeks image: Rodney pops an ollie.
rodney mullen   huge ollie - YourMondayMotivator: Pop an Ollie and innovate