YourMondayMotivator: Be smart. Or at least attempt to.

Derek Sivers recently wrote in an article, “Being smart means thinking things through – trying to find the real answer, not the first answer.”.
That really resonated with me because it’s something I attempt every day. I have to try really hard because my amygdala, sometimes known as the lizard brain, kicks in so fast it can take my breathe away.
Some say the first answer is generally the best one. The one your instincts tell you is right. The problem is not many of us have trained our instinct and honed it with years of practice. It just kicks in based on our experiences.

money, fame, happiness

And our experiences are not necessarily the right ones to find the real answer. An interesting exercise to start writing down what you want out of life. You will have instantly started thinking about things like, money, fame, happiness, fast cars and travel etc. But they are just the surface answers. They are not the real answers.
The real answers lay a bit deeper and require more thought because what you really want is to experience things. The same goes for almost every question or interaction you come up against every minute of every day.

Wouldn’t life be cool?

So to be smarter, pause and think for a split second before you answer or react. Trust me it’s not easy and you might want to give up. Don’t. Practising this will take years and you will fail and make mistakes. Imagine having that skill honed to almost perfection though. … Wouldn’t life be cool?
P.S. Long time MondayMotivator reader Tony Falkenstein was on Sunday last week changing the way people drink and getting them away from soft drink. He is waging a war against sugar I think he can win if more people think like him. Watch the segment here – – it’s very good.