YourMondayMotivator: How to become an All Black

I like watching the All Blacks play well and even though Ireland tried their best they were outclassed all over the field.

After the game I had the thought that you have to be the best in your position to become an All Black. And you have to know the right time to pass the ball.
For example Israel Dagg was a bit quick to pass one time but held on for the perfect amount of time the next. That split second extra made a big difference.

Being the best comes first

However, even though knowing when to pass the ball is needed in a team sport, being the best comes first. To be the best you have to study the position you want to play. Know everything there is to know about what you can and can’t do. What rules you can push. When you have to toe the line.

A good coach

Becoming a scholar of that position means you will understand the positions around you too. And that is where a really good coach comes in. A good coach will know how to get the best out of you in the position you like or realising you’re actually better suited to another position will push you in that direction. 

This week think about being the best in your position first. Study the position you want to be in. Search for any little snippet of information that could make a difference. Become the best and you will find it’s a lot easier to be part of a team.