YourMondayMotivator: What you care about molds you

Why does the NZ Herald care so much about shootings in a movie theatre in another country so much? Why would we want to go into the dark mind of a killer?
I’m using the NZ Herald as an example here because it’s main web page is generally filled with doom and gloom and blood and gore. It’s also an easy example for you to see of what ‘caring’ about something looks like. By showing that kind of news, giving it life, getting the ‘hits’ it needs to charge advertising fees, it is slowly molding itself.
In my opinion it’s going backwards although seeing the win by the Magic as an Editor’s pick is heartening. But then Norway massacre: a year on is just below.
Caring in this instance is paying attention to. What you pay attention to molds you. It does. There is plenty of evidence to back me up. A lot of it on the front page of the news websites, news papers and magazines.
What you pay attention to is what fills your thoughts and dreams. It might bring back memories or evoke emotions that causes something to ‘click’. I want that ‘click’ or ‘aha’ to be a moment of inspiration and move me, and you forward. I want it to be a dynamic moment and fill us with energy.
Caring like that moves us forward. Caring like that wins championships, grows businesses and builds satisfying lives.
To get that you need to pay attention to things that inspire you, push you or make you think. So this week my hope is that as you go about your day you care about things that move you forward and mold you in a good way.