YourMondayMotivator: What if you were lucky?

The Olympics is a fascinating study of human endeavour and emotion. Watching world champions, favourites, stumble or slip and crash out and just miss out on a gold. Unlucky you might have said as you saw it happen.
So what if you were lucky? You didn’t slip. You didn’t get distracted and crash out. You won gold.
Would you think you were lucky? I don’t think it would even cross your mind that the stars had aligned, as it were, to give you a perfect run on the back of all the training you had done.
Because the training, the dicipline is the minimum you need to have done. It’s what gets to there in the first place. Because you care enough about what you do to push yourself to be the best at it.
But you’re not the only one who cares. Others do to. Others have worked just as hard. Studied the rules of the game, just as hard. They want it, just as bad.
So how do you get lucky?
I have no idea. Then again no one else seems to have an answer either. It is a mystery why for one person that day will be their day. The day they are in the flow and get lucky.
But I do know this; if you work hard, create good habits and study the game you want to be the best at every day, the times when you are in the flow and get lucky happen a lot more often.