The Four Factors [reading time 1 mins 48 secs]

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A shorter read today 🙂

There are four main factors that control your life, Your Belief, Programming your Mind, Your Mental Posture and your Focus. When you understand how these affect you and you are mindful of them, you will leap ahead.

Because thoughts control feelings which control behaviour.

Said in another way. You cannot avoid the events in your life. What you can control is how you choose to respond to them.

Add in having a clear picture of your future and you are set up for success. Also, keeping it simple is the hardest thing you can do. Humans have an unnecessary habit of making things more complicated than they need to be. In my experience, the complication is fun. It gives you a bigger problem to solve. But, it doesn’t help you get ahead.

The Four Factors

Your Belief

Controls Self-Image and Self-Esteem.

Your belief is the deep-seated expectations you want to happen in your life & what you consistently programme into your mind. If you expect good things to happen for you then they will & vice versa. Always expect the best for yourself.

Programming the Mind

How you can reprogram yourself for success.

To reprogram your mind use good words and phrases like,

“I’m a good person”. “I’m intelligent”. “I’m smart.” “I’m talented”. “I can do anything I put my mind to”. “I’m special”. “I will always speak about what I ‘CAN’ do, not what I ‘CAN’T’ do.”

Your Mental Posture

Comparison with others.

Your mental posture is deciding what you will accept mentally and what you will reject. To help with this you might use the following affirmation when you find yourself comparing yourself to others, “I’m not going down that track comparing myself with others.” You might have to repeat this like a mantra.


Influences the programming of the mind.

You get more of what you concentrate on, whether good or bad. Read more and you will have more knowledge. Eat well and exercise and you will have good health. The same goes for money, ability, and opportunities.

Remember, no one can tell you what you cannot do tomorrow!

Have a great week and remember to focus on what you can do and want.


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