The strange power of Belief

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

What is it that makes Belief such a powerful and creative force?

In my opinion, it’s because you have the power to choose what you want to believe.Belief is the determining factor in whether you’re able to accomplish something or not. In other words, it determines your destiny.

Most of your beliefs were learned and locked in before the age of seven usually from your parents or teachers. However, once you got older, you had the opportunity to consciously choose to hold on to those beliefs which you considered valid and let go of the rest.

Empowering or limiting beliefs are nothing but a generalisation of a past incident. Change those beliefs and you create something different.

This has been always been the way. With the advent of social media, we are seeing this played out in public by certain communities online as in their push for change they strive to inculcate their beliefs into us. Whether these beliefs move us forward or back are yet to be seen but the indications are not great in some cases.

To make changes in your life, you need to literally re-program your brain. This is done by creating new habits. Everything we do is based on habits. In fact, our brain loves habits. How else could it do what it does to keep your miraculous body running smoothly while at the same time letting you do things like imagine, plan, think and so on?

A simple way to get started is to make some changes in your environment that will support your new beliefs. A post-it note. An image. A daily challenge. A reminder to pause when the belief you want to change pops into your head and you overwrite it with the new belief.

For example, you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see. You could pause, accept that thought and then overwrite it with a new positive one.

Repeating new habits consistently creates massive change. The key is consistency. So make the new habits easy to do. If you keep making these changes then your life will take you in the direction you really want to go.

You need to be committed to change. Always speak in terms of what you can do, not what you can’t do. Programme your brain to convert negative thoughts to positive ones even if you feel they are not a good fit right now.

Your belief system doesn’t require something to be the way you see it, it only requires that you believe it. Whatever you believe about yourself ends up affecting what you do. If you continue to believe limiting thoughts then they will turn out to be true – whether they are true or not.

Remember beliefs are the expectations you hold to be true about yourself. That you can do something. That you will make it happen.

Take the time to examine some of the beliefs you hold about life and people. You can do this at any age. To change a particular behaviour pattern in your life, identify the beliefs associated with it. Change those beliefs and a new pattern is automatically created.

You might recognise the idea of daily affirmations to help keep ourselves on track to achieve our goals. But have you ever noticed that affirmations do not really work at least not in the long term? You usually don’t get any closer to your goal with this approach.

Why is this?

Because literally, EVERY thought you have is an affirmation. You can spend three minutes telling yourself “I am focused.” But here’s the problem – the rest of the time your powerful subconscious mind knows that you are not focused, and will revert to an unfocused mind the minute you stop using those affirmations. That’s not helpful and doesn’t fix the issue.

Your sense of who you are is created by your mind movie and constantly plays in your head with you as the leading actor, director and producer. But you can change all of this if you start reprogramming your brain on a daily basis about who you consciously believe you want to be.

This might seem strange but it’s true. Start paying attention to your thoughts today and create the transforming power of belief within yourself!