In This Months Spike News, Consistency And Dropping The ‘Mail’

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Good morning,

We are doing well so far… This is two months in a row that we have got our newsletter out on time. It’s mostly thanks to Christina from Intelligent Ink making sure we got our copy together from the random emails we sent. It’s a great feeling not being the builder with the tarp over the roof.

I’ve mentioned we have been working on Spikemail’s branding, and repositioning ourselves to where we think we actually are. It has been a really interesting process, however, not one I’m likely to repeat in a hurry. The biggest change that will impact you is that we are changing our name, to… Spike.

That’s right. After months of robust debate and hours spent coming up with names, we have settled on dropping the ‘mail’ and just sticking with Spike. There is a new website in the works now, which we will launch in the next quarter..

Still talking about ROI

Last month, we talked about return on investment and, since then, we’ve had quite a few more conversations about it. Really, it comes down to numbers – like these ones for a retailer with both an online shop and a physical bricks & mortar store…

2,000 emails per fortnight = 52,000 emails a year 
Annual cost of fortnightly email marketing = $6,000 
35% open rate = 18,200 customer engagements1
9% click through rate = 3,458 landings on website
Assume 1% convert to a transaction = 35 online sales
Assume 5% redeem an offer in store = 173 in store sales
Online average sale: 35 x $100 = $3,500  
In store average sale: 173 x $100 = $17,300
Total sales: $20,800
Return on investment = a lot!

The numbers might not be that simple because we haven’t figured in your gross profit %. However, this gives you a good idea about the numbers we are talking about and it gives the clarity to know which levers to pull or push to get a better ROI.

Elements of an Email

Like any good recipe, there are certain ingredients that an email should have to cover off its bases and be successful. There is a bit more to consider than just the subject line and writing your copy…

People often ask us how to make their emails the best they can be (that is our job, after all!) and we’ve put together this handy little document to get you started.

Download it here.

Campaign Example: Building your Database 

We are going to start featuring campaign examples to show you what we are doing but, also, to give you an idea that you can then incorporate into your marketing plan. The campaign this month is geared around using SMS to sign people up to your database. It’s a very simple process that you can implement in all your offline marketing. For example; flyers, in-store posters, print ads, TV. Download the full pdf here.

That’s it for this month. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I appreciate your time. Enjoy the long weekend and thank you to those who filled out, or asked for, the Client Questions last month. It’s great that you found them useful.


P.S. It’s another long weekend this weekend. While you’re out carousing or hanging out with friends, family, colleagues or henchmen, spare a thought for Spike… And if you are talking to someone who might benefit from talking to me about email marketing, tell them about us. I would really appreciate it.