In This Months Spike News – ‘The Simplest Way to Grow your Business’

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Good morning,

We had some fantastic feedback on our last couple of newsletters, which we’re just thrilled with, so keep talking to us! Let us know what you like, what you don’t like, what you’d like to see more of…

We also promised to keep you up to date on our brand journey and, last month dropped the bomb that our name is changing to Spike… Just Spike. We’ve had our creative thinking caps on since that revelation and have now got our logo design confirmed and the new tagline: ‘Email with purpose’, which we feel really sums up the best of what we do here.

Our new, bright and shiny website is in the works, thanks to Kelley at Etcetera Photography and Design and the other branding gurus we have in our camp. The whole look and feel, as well as the content, will be revamped and we think this is a new, more focused era for Spike as we further embrace the agency model. We’re excited to continue offering attractive, measurable and constantly improved email campaigns.

It’s all about business growth

Brand activity aside, the last month has been an eventful one on other fronts too. On Tuesday 12 June we hosted a seminar event with Co7 that focused on ‘The Simplest Way to Grow your Business’.

It was a great morning and we wanted to take this opportunity to, once again, thank everyone who came along. Chris Pescott from Perceptive was an insightful speaker and, if you didn’t make it this time, I highly recommend taking the next possible opportunity to hear Chris speak. You’re sure to come away with some great ideas and inspiration.

Our other news is that I am speaking at the Unlimited Investment Challenge, which kicks off with a ‘Get your house in order’ workshop at the end of this month. In its sixth year for 2012, the Unlimited Investment Challenge helps businesses prepare growth… It’s exciting stuff and you could be a part of it.

Even better returns on an email

Last month we said we were going to feature an example campaign each month to show you what’s possible… and this one is a whopper! We recently engaged with a large insurance company for a campaign that returned staggering results…288%!!!

June average daily sales for the company were 450, but on the day the first email went out, that rose to 1300: an increase of 288%! Because we hadn’t reached our benchmark of 35% we recommended resending the campaign to those who hadn’t opened the email. Note: The resent emails went only to those who hadn’t opened the initial email.

This gave us the following results:
EMAIL 1 – complete list
Open Rate:  29.1% | Click Rate:   7.3%

EMAIL 2 – half of contacts who didn’t open the first email
Open Rate:  13.6% | Click Rate:   8.7%

EMAIL 3 – half of contacts who didn’t open the first email

Open Rate:  12.8% | Click Rate:   8.5%

Open Rate:   35.2% | Click Rate:   7.6%

This was a great result from a cold list of contacts and has left the client in a strong position to continue to communicate with a wider audience.

Elements of an email

Like any good recipe, there are certain ingredients that an email should have to cover off its bases and be successful. There is a lot to consider…

The first of which is often an intriguing, non spam-like subject line. Your subject line is an important component in getting your email opened and we’ve found that curiosity or expectation work wonders here.

However, if you have a good engaged list you can get away with a lot because Internet Service Providers are now looking at the number of replies and clicks. So having an offer to reply for or click through for need to be a part of every email.

Thanks for reading this month’s Spike news. Don’t be a stranger, send me an email to say hi or ask an email related question I can answer in next month’s Spike news.