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Good evening,

It’s been a busy month at Spike and we’ve got heaps to share with you! Firstly, the news we’re just so excited to tell: We have a new HQ. It’s a very cool, industrial-type space in Westech Place, off Great North Road. We’re not quite in there yet, but will be in early August and we’ve got huge plans for the space… It will be very cool!

We hope you’ll pop by to visit and have a coffee. In fact, we’re planning to have an ‘Open Day’ (or afternoon) on Monday 20 August, so come by then if you can and check the space out.

Speaking of HQ, our online presence has been getting spiffed up too! You can see the start of our new brand being applied on our landing page. We’d love to know what you think so, don’t be shy – flick us your feedback.

No holding back

We mentioned last month that I was presenting at the Unlimited Investment Challenge, which is geared towards helping businesses identify areas of growth and act upon them. So last week, I flew to Wellington to present to other participants and then had a jam-packed day in Auckland sharing more Spike ‘gems’.

For us, it’s about “building buyers, not lists” and in that presentation, I also shared my top 4 reasons for doing emails:

  1. Keeps you top of mind
  2. It’s your database
  3. Emails are targeted
  4. Your activity is measurable

We think in the email landscape, there is spam, general email marketing which can often tend towards spam and ‘actual’ email marketing… The difference in this last one being that it is planned, targeted and really thought through.

The reality is that a little bit of care goes a long way, and contributes to better ROI.

Click here for an immediate download of the slides from my presentation.

Still more on ROI

I know we talk lots about this, but it’s a huge part of what we do here at Spike and we’ve been solidifying our thinking and metrics around it to come up with our benchmark, which is 10x.

That means, that for anything you spend with Spike, we aim to get you back at least 10x that investment.

Our biggest return to date was a campaign that gauged interest in, and encouraged purchasing of, a new vehicle. This campaign heralded a return on investment of over 95,900% Spectacular! Another example of the amazing things that targeted email marketing can achieve.

Another exciting case

Archibald and Shorter Roverland represent global luxury vehicle brands. Range Rover, Jaguar and Renault are automotive icons.

As part of their marketing strategy, Archibald and Shorter Roverland need to get copy and content to Spike to create their monthly e-news.

In the past this wasn’t happening and their audience received either less than perfect content, on an irregular basis, or no communication at all. The voice of this great company and their premium brands became disjointed and inconsistent.

Who was going to spend the time putting the content and copy together? Who was going to construct a message that was succinct, engaging and would compel readers to action?

Copy Cabana worked with Archibald and Shorter Roverland to develop a content management strategy. Together they constructed a series of regular e-news features to provide a real resource for their customers. The objective was to create a brand voice that readers identified with and which motivated them to take action.

Copy Cabana provided copy, based on the content management agreement, which included a used car section. In the first month, Archibald and Shorter Roverland sold a $100,000.00 vehicle directly from the e-news – what a result!

Copy Cabana has continued to work with Archibald and Shorter Roverland over the last three years. The clear and consistent copy for the monthly e-news has increased test drives, filled the service department and sold vehicles. Copy Cabana works with a number of Spike clients, including Archibald and Shorter Roverland to ensure their managed email marketing works. Spike provides email marketing with purpose, but having the right message at the right time, gets results.

View the latest newsletter here.

Elements of an email

Like any good recipe, there are certain ingredients that an email should have to cover off its bases and be successful. There is a lot to consider…

Last month we looked at tips around subject lines, so now we wanted to consider the header, the first visual your subscriber sees. Here you have a chance to make your communication instantly recognisable with clear branding and impact that encourages recipients to read on.

To read more about headers, preheaders and the other vital elements of an email, click here.

Thanks for reading

Bit longer this month so I appreciate you reading, or skimming, all the way down here. Next month I’m thinking a video might be good. What do you think? Want to hear from me? Let me know and have a successful August.