In This Month’s Spike News: We’re almost moved in :)

Posted by Spike Spike

Good evening,

You might be thinking we forgot about our newsletter this month, we didn’t.

We were waiting to see if we could move into our new office so we could be all excited about that and share our excitement with you.

But we didn’t thanks to our friends at Visionstream, who are contracted to Chorus, who are contracted to Telecom. I now have a ddi for the Telecom Complex Issues Team and know Rachel, Julie and Bruce quite well.

So, we are going to send you a message from the new office next week as we have been promised, not by Telecom but by a contractor who gets things done, we will have a new phone line run on Tuesday. Then Telecom will send a man to connect it up. Whew!

See you again soon.

see you soon - In This Month's Spike News: We're almost moved in :)