How we do: setting up a drag and drop template in Mailchimp

Posted by Spike Email Marketing, Our Work

Drag and drop templates can look a bit same, same after 1 Million + businesses have used them so we put some extra design into them giving clients a shiny new template they can use for their campaigns. We even train them how to use them!

Because I’m a digital hoarder I will generally have a copy of ex-client templates. I did in this case and it came in handy for Duncan Venison.

We built a drag and drop template in their Mailchimp account and then Gary did a video using Loom to show them how to use the template in the drag and drop editor.

Drag and Drop templates are the basics when you get started sending emails and as you can see with a little bit of work they can be on brand and make a far better impression on your customers.

If you’d like some help to create your own branded Mailchimp template contact Spike today.