What is regenerative farming?

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I hope you’re having a good lockdown Easter and making the most of this time regardless of the situation. I’m making sure I let my family know I’m enjoying spending time with them. That might be a reminder for myself but it is good and we’ll probably never have this much time together again.

A relevant quote from Epicurus comes to mind, “Let nothing be done in your life, which would cause you fear if it becomes known to your neighbour.”

That is a very apt thing to live by right now.

With that in mind on to this weeks Spike News.

Stay safe, stay home and stay connected.

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An interesting watch about regenerative farming.

Some podcast recommendations to check out over quarantine.

A funny light hearted series that is now on Netflix for easy binge watching during quarantine – Community.

Added to our Spotify Playlist this week, Six 60 – Kia Mau Ki To Ukaipo and Juicy – The Notorious B.I.G.

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