SpikeHQ’s new digs!

Posted by Spike Spike

Due to the lockdown we’ve had to close the office and move ourselves out to rural New Zealand. I’m pretty happy with the way the office has turned out. So, welcome to our new HQ for the foreseeable future and stay safe and well!


Hi, good morning.

So, working from home. We’ve moved home. Everyone’s working from home at their different places as well. We’ve still got internet connections and everything.

Well actually out where we are, we’re trying to work out how to get a better one, because it’s not very good. But anyway, welcome to the new home of Spike. Here we go.

So this is going to be us for the foreseeable future, for the next four weeks at least. Lauren came home yesterday and did a huge amount of work to get the place tidied up for me to get home and move things in. So yeah, this is us. I mean, hey, the view’s pretty awesome. Pretty happy with that. Couldn’t do much better than that actually. But yeah, so look.

Show us your digs. I’d love to see where other people are working. I know people are working at kitchen tables and all sorts. Once we’ve got the internet sorted here a bit better, we should be up and running a bit more, but suffice to say… Got our guys keeping us company. It’s going to be good. I hope. See you soon.