How to start communicating with your customers quickly

Posted by Spike Email Marketing

If you know someone who owns a small business or a business that has to start finding other ways to communicate with their customers. Spike is in a unique position as email marketers whereby we can help get businesses up and running quickly. We’re only too happy to help and will be doing all we can to get people communicating quickly.

In this video, I talk about keeping up your fitness, maybe starting meditation, where your customer details are (POS, Outlook, Gmail etc) and what you need to do to get them into a csv file and into Mailchimp.

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Full Transcript:

Hey, good morning. It’s Glenn here. Look, it’s week two of a very serious time for us in New Zealand, and this week we’ve really got to start thinking about how we’re going to get through this. And one of the first things we can do is start talking to our customers.

So, excuse me how I look, this was important to me. I’ve just finished a workout, so I’m looking a bit wrecked. I’m sitting in my garage. I don’t have a Lamborghini in my garage like some of these other guys do. I’ve just got my like, ER. So like some of these other guys do. I’ve just got my Peugeot and lots of weights and stuff, and come down here and work out.

And I have to say, if you’re thinking about putting off your fitness at the moment, I wouldn’t. Make sure you’re doing your fitness, it’s going to help your head, you’re going to think straight, maybe a couple minutes of meditation.

But look, you need to be talking to your customers this week. If you have not got a customer database sorted out, if you don’t send emails to those people already, you need to start. The simplest way that you can start this week is to export your customer list from wherever it is. It’s going to be in Gmail, it’s going to be in Outlook, it’s going to be in your point of sale system, it’s going to be some way.

You need to get those customers, those people who buy stuff off you, those people who support you and have been loyal to you, you need to export those because if they can’t come into your shop, how are you going to keep in contact with them? The best way to do that is via email. It’s yours. It’s your customer database, you own the channel, you make the rules, it’s private, it’s secure, you can send really good communication out to people.

So get that email out into an Excel spreadsheet. You should have at least a name, a first name and an email address. You then need to turn that into a CSV sheet, so you’re going to have two columns. You’re going to have name, email address. That’s all you need. Name, email address. Go to Mailchimp, there’s some really great tutorials about how to use it.

If you need some help, feel free to reach out. We’ll help you out. Upload it into MailChimp, have a think about the template that you’re going to send, send something out to these people saying, “Hey look, this might be the first time I’ve done this. I really need to keep in contact with you.” We do need to keep in mind anti-spam laws in New Zealand, so just have a think about that because you might not have permission.

Now if you don’t have permission, you need to ask for it. I’ve got a feeling in times like this when you’ve really got to reach out to these customers, there might be some leniency out there, but look, Excel spreadsheet, first name, last name, turn it into a CSV, get it into Mailchimp, create your first little campaign. There’s some great tutorials. Ask me if you need some help, happy to help people out.

And let’s get communicating with our customers this week, our clients, let them know we’re safe and healthy, let them know what we’re doing, we’re still in business, here’s how we can help them. And look, look after yourself, keep the fitness up, do some meditation, keep a clear head, and stay self out there. Stay safe, sorry. Stay safe.