From One Mountain to the Next: A Reminder to Keep Pushing Forward

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

mm12 scaled - From One Mountain to the Next: A Reminder to Keep Pushing Forward

In this week’s MondayMotivator:

  1. Achieving one’s goals and realising dreams requires effort, but the result makes it all worthwhile.
  2. Building confidence and self-esteem is crucial to achieving success.
  3. Believing in oneself and stretching one’s imagination about what is possible are essential to achieving great things.

Achievers are like skiers; they work hard to get to the top where all their performance really begins.

The first step of their journey was no different to the last one. But what happened in between took more than a little effort.

You know, nothing is easy. Achieving or realising your dream goals is hard. However, the challenges of the journey are more than compensated by the joy of the final result.

Achieving more out of life is worth the effort; otherwise, you end the journey full of regrets and frustrations. The journey begins with a purpose to achieve and the development of the necessary confidence and self-esteem to carry you through.

Stretch your imagination and your belief in yourself about what your possibilities are. You can decide from the outset that the thing is possible or you can try with reservations about yourself. That’s like wanting to ski but you’re still holding on to the starting gate.

Let yourself go with complete faith and trust that you will make it happen. There’s a great line that Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen quote in Dare To Win, “It’s not that people want too much. It’s that they want too little.”

Want more for yourself. It’s ok to be dissatisfied with where you’re at.

This week, think.

I will make my work and association with others a great experience. Something that will carry me even further up the mountain of life.

I will remember that when I get to the top of my mountain that there are more mountains to climb and I am equal to the task.