Opinions aren’t worth a damn

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

mm20230518 Copy - Opinions aren’t worth a damn

In this week’s MondayMotivator:

  1. Hearing others’ opinions is important because it broadens our perspectives and influences decisions.
  2. Our beliefs and opinions shape our interactions and behavior.
  3. Being open to diverse opinions and reading regularly has many positive effects, including improved academics, job prospects, confidence, behavior, health, and achievement. A positive learning environment is crucial for success and well-being, as negative teacher attitudes are harmful.

Why is it so important to hear what someone else’s opinion is? I’m going to add one more thing here. Why is it important to understand what someone else’s opinion is before you respond?

One reason is that as a child our first learning comes from our parents. We tend to take what they say as gospel because we don’t know any better. As we grow older we start to hear all sorts of opinions and decide those that we wish to accept.

What happens is that we end up with multiple opinions and are influenced by them. However, they’re not necessarily our opinions.

Many social interactions are, at least in part, shaped by beliefs and opinions. Most of this we take for granted. To start with the most mundane example, few of us would have sampled all the different types of food or entertainment on offer around the world. But, most of us have formed beliefs and opinions about which ones we would like. And, every day we make decisions on the basis of these beliefs.

More important and more interesting from the viewpoint of social science, is most of us also have a set of beliefs about how others will act in different social situations, which guide our behaviour.

I encourage you to seek other people’s opinions but just remember they are only OPINIONS and everyone has one about almost anything you can think of.

Remember, an opinion is not fact. It might be worth asking someone if what they are saying is fact or opinion before you decide to react to it.

It is vital for you to remember that in order for you to succeed and become more knowledgeable that you become lifelong readers as this can have a significant impact on many diverse areas of your life, from job prospects and self-confidence to behaviour and health.

Also, remind yourself in interactions that most people are coming from a place of good intentions and are learning and failing, just like you. Give them some space to make mistakes and they will surely do the same for you.