Email marketing for small businesses in a nutshell

Posted by Spike Email Marketing

brett jordan LPZy4da9aRo unsplash - Email marketing for small businesses in a nutshell

Email offers a cost-effective way to market any small business, and although email marketing is not a ‘dark art’, there are some tried and tested ways to get the most from your email list.

Gather as much data and information as you can.
Not just name and email – there are ways to do this as people associate with your business more and you can create simple segments to market too.

Collect customer emails at every touchpoint your business has with them.
The phone. Your website. Every touchpoint. Use the Mailchimp app for example when you’re out at events.

Take some time to build a strategy for your email marketing plan.
Create a simple marketing calendar that starts with a blog post. Use ChatGPT if you don’t know how to create one. Excel or Google Sheets is the go-to.

Know your audience. Think about the individual you’re emailing too.
Email might seem like it’s mass but, it’s actually one to one. Think about the individuals needs of one customer, the perfect one and email them. I like to think about what I would say to them if they were in front of me.

Test, test, test.
Test subject lines, offers, content but not frequency. Choose one frequency and stick to it. Consistency counts.