Boxing With Boredom

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

jonathan tomas rX36vcriciQ unsplash - Boxing With Boredom

Boredom comes from a lack of interest in what you are doing or in life itself. Many lead lives of existence rather than living life to its fullest.

You must:

  • be prepared to try new things
  • to discover your strengths and weaknesses or
  • to take risks.

The brain is a positive dynamic mechanism requiring challenges the same as any other part of the body. For example, the muscles atrophy if they are not constantly pushed or stretched, it is called sarcopenia. Sarcopenia (sar·co·pe·nia) is the naturally occurring progressive loss of muscle mass and strength as you age. However, scientists believe being physically inactive and eating an unhealthy diet can contribute to the disease.

The answer lies in changing your circumstances.

Stop boxing yourself with limiting negative self-talk. For example, “There’s nothing to do”, “Life is dull”, “I’m fed up,” and start living a positive reality.

The way to get some excitement back into your life is through activity. The only thing stopping you is you.

So, stop boxing with boredom. Life is a growth thing, start by reading great books and becoming aware of the many opportunities around that will change your circumstances.

Check out my reading list here.

Here’s a simple way to break the boredom habit. This week think I will avoid being apathetic by taking the focus off myself and putting it on others and asking myself – ‘what have I done for others today?

This is guaranteed to change your mindset and spark new and positive thoughts. Try it now.