Shifting Focus: From Self-Doubt to Self-Trust

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

mm0605 scaled - Shifting Focus: From Self-Doubt to Self-Trust

Did you know that you, yes YOU, have tremendous potential inside you?

However, if you feed yourself negative disinformation about whether you are able to accomplish anything or not, you will stifle that potential.

When you do this you are telling yourself you don’t trust yourself to see something through. The word confidence means – have full trust. Therefore, building self-confidence is easy when all you have to do is focus on your unlimited potential, and believe and trust in yourself instead of relying on others.

When you stop spending emotional energy protecting yourself from the possible hurts of failure or the consequences of the actions of others associated with you. You are able to spend that same energy on achieving positive results in your life.

This week think about the reasons why you will succeed instead of focusing on the negatives of not accomplishing the thing.

You have the power within you to accomplish what it is that you desire most. You do. All you require is to trust yourself more and take action to make happen the things or experiences you want in life.

Action feeds and strengthens confidence.

Write the following down and put it somewhere you can read it often.

I will think about what it is I want to accomplish, and I will have complete faith and trust in myself to see it through. 

Read this as often as you can. It will keep you on track and you will do what is required to see it through.