Are you an Achiever Or Underachiever?

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

juan rumimpunu nLXOatvTaLo unsplash - Are you an Achiever Or Underachiever?

Have you ever thought about what decides whether you will be an achiever or an underachiever?

Is it heredity, circumstances, family finances, intelligence or who you know?

Unfortunately, it is none of these.

Achievers or underachievers are not born that way. They are made and become that way by a conscious decision to accept or reject opportunities and circumstances. 

Are people born bad or is it a genetic thing?

The consensus of most psychologists is that no one is born bad. However, it is held by some psychiatrists that there are those who are born with a defective gene that predisposes them to certain bad tendencies. Badness is manufactured by the person themselves or because of the influence of other people’s actions.

Why am I using this example? Because everyone has multiple talents and abilities and things that don’t serve us. Because some of these lie dormant throughout their lives, does not mean they do not exist.

We need to make a conscious and concerted search to discover our abilities through trial and error.

Underachievers never seem to be aware of what they can do because of other people’s opinions or simply because of a lacking of trying.

Achievers on the other hand keep on trying until they realise their ambitions.

And, that is the main difference between achievers and underachievers – achievers keep going and keep using the abilities that serve them, their families, their communities and their goals.

To become an Achiever think: I will become an achiever by being aware or consciously seeking, opportunities or by working with determination on the opportunity that I am currently undertaking.

I will constantly strive for improvement in myself and for the realisation of worthwhile goals in my life.