Challenge yourself. How I did 15k Hindu Squats

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

How do I know if I’m improving?

That’s an excellent question to ask yourself because I believe in the saying that if you’re not improving or moving forward you’re going backwards.

For example, if you’re not exercising your body is deteriorating faster than it could be. If you’re not reading, you’re not learning something new. If you’re not doing things you find hard anymore you’re not putting yourself in situations that will give you a considerable amount of satisfaction when you get through them.

When I started my new role at Racer Products I had to learn how to interact with a bunch of new people, learn new systems and wrangle a bunch of websites into an online selling machine. It’s an ongoing process. Especially getting to know the intricacies of each product and relationships with customers and suppliers. It’s exciting!

But when things aren’t going well I always have a challenge running. That’s because no matter how crap the day is I will have achieved something. These days I like to do physical challenges that a simple enough to do every day but done consistently will have a marked effect.

So, how did I do 15,000 and counting Hindu Squats? I started the challenge of doing 100 air squats a day for 100 days. To track my success I use an app called Way of Life. See image. It’s a super simple app that I use to track each challenge. My only rules were 100 squats by the end of the day and miss a day start again.

The next challenge I started was 5 Hindu Pushups a day. I could do more but this is way of making sure I do it. Once I’ve done my five, or a few more, I do 3 or 4 where instead of pushing straight back up I reverse the way I came. That’s hard!

Another challenge I’m doing is a 1 Minute Plank for 30 days challenge and this is one I’d like some feedback on. This challenge is done using a Whatsapp Group and the rules are, to introduce yourself on the first day, then no comments but the word ‘done’ when you’ve completed your 1 minute each day. You can do the plank on your elbows or hands and I have added in an alternating 10-second stomach tense where you suck your tummy button to your spine as an extra ab workout. The next rule is you can miss a day and you’re ok, miss 2 days and you’re removed from the group.

Setting simple challenges you can stick to for a set amount of time will create some consistency in a world of constant change, give you a sense of achievement each day and help keep you stimulated and engaged in your life. This is the simplest way I’ve found to keep improving and having a sense of accomplishment every day.

You can do it to. Set your first challenge today!