You should be thinking mobile 1st, also 2nd, 3rd and 69th

Posted by Spike Email Marketing

A great infographic by Gary Vaynerchuk showing why mobile optimisation for emails is so important!

It’s crazy to think about where people are using their phones these days. I remember him talking about people were tweeting while in the toilet. Yep, you, you there. You too.

In a movie theatre is super annoying for those around you but 35% of people will be on their phone.

During a dinner date?! That’s not going to go down well. Maybe 33% of people are complaining about how badly their date is going.

School functions. I can’t relate to that just yet but it won’t be long before I’m sitting through school concerts. I’ll be able to see if 32% of people are on their phones. It might even be more by then. They’ll be taking photos for sure.

I think 19% is a lowish number for church but you are close by family and friends who actually want to pay attention.

12% whilst in the shower. They must have very waterproof cases.

9% while having sex. Unless they’re taking pics or videos they obviously not engaged in what they’re doing. The number rises in the 18 – 34 age group to 20%. What are these people doing?

The driving stat is nuts to me. 55% while driving. I’m glad I live in a country where they made that illegal.

Some good stats and a great infographic to share.

14157 R SmartphoneInfographic 390x1024 - You should be thinking mobile 1st, also 2nd, 3rd and 69th