Great Email: A gift for you from eBay

Posted by Spike Email Marketing

ebay email 140x300 - Great Email: A gift for you from eBayI like this email from eBay!

What makes it great?

The subject line definitely made me want to open the email – A gift for you from eBay.

If it’s not in my Spam folder I’m definitely opening this email.

They have an interesting push for mobile purchasing. We’re not sure why they want to do that but I’m sure we will see a case study at some stage. I suspect they are either seeing if mobile is the way forward, it is, or they’re seeing if they can prompt that kind of behaviour by offering the incentive.

I noticed the top categories are not my recommended top categories but the ones trending on eBay. That made me want to check those out and see what else there is too offer and not just what I search for.

And they’ve made it exclusive by saying who is eligible to get the coupon. That makes it easy to track and a nice offer for eBay users.

Nice job eBay 🙂