Where are your manners?

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

Is it just me or are some people just plain f*#@ing rude?

They email you with a question. You take the time to answer it to the best of your knowledge because, well they asked. And that answer can take quite some time because you want to give them the best answer you can.

And then, crickets…

No thank you reply.

No, “I appreciate that. Thanks for your time.” Nothing…

People these days. Where are your manners? Mine got drilled into me and by golly, they stuck.

I tell my kids they have one job right now, be likeable. Likeable for them mean’s being polite and using your manners around others.

A man once told me social skills pay the bills. And he was right.

I’ve got no idea where these people will end up but I do know it’s hard to get a job if you’re hard to like. And it’s hard to keep a customer when they see through the bollocks and realise you weren’t really there for them in the first place.

This week keep your wits and manners about you and you’ll keep yourself sane and your customers happy.