It’s obvious!

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

It is said that “ninety percent of success can be boiled down to consistently doing the obvious thing for an uncommonly long period of time without convincing yourself that you’re smarter than you are.”

Does that seem easy to you? We’re human. We get distracted. Yes, even the most focused of us get distracted.

It’s called Life.

So, what is “the obvious thing” you need to be doing?

For a salesperson, it might be picking up the phone. For a sportsperson, it’s focused practice.

Have you ever asked yourself what the obvious thing is for you?

I’m going to assume you probably haven’t because you do so many things. But, there is one thing that you’re doing that generates more results than anything else. It’s going to take some questioning and thinking to find it for most people. It’s there though.

Currently, for me, it’s staying top of mind by running workshops and getting the word out about why EFFECTIVE digital works.

The problem I’ve seen for me is that I can think I’m smarter than what I am and do things that I shouldn’t be doing. Keeping it simple is hard. I love me some complexity but who can understand it? Not the people I can help, that’s for sure. So I have to keep returning back to simple language and the one idea that works.

This week try and figure out what the obvious thing for you is. You might come up with several things so be scientific about it and test each thing. You’ll get to the one thing faster that way and be able to start doing that thing more often.