The Value of Starting from Zero

Posted by Spike Email Marketing

@jason wrote a thoughtful piece about Startups recently – “The Value of Starting from Zero (Divergent Thinking FTW)

In a burst of inspiration, I wrote the following and fired it off to him. He quite rightly didn’t reply considering I didn’t answer his question. However bad email marketing gets right up my nose and startups are some of the worst offenders.

Here’s my opinion on their undervaluing of staying in touch with those interested in their upcoming product or service.
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My example. All email marketing done by startups is terrible and not well thought out (there are few exceptions) as the product team think Mailchimp solves all. It doesn’t.

Jelly, for instance, has created some buzz and not updated us, for months. I have been in contact with @biz about this and to his credit, he answers my emails. They are busy working on the product – but I want to know more.

Start-ups/companies are missing a huge opportunity by not putting together a well crafted ‘welcome strategy’.

The person is excited about a product, they’ve handed over a very important piece of information – their email address – and …. nothing. Just the normal Mailchimp sign-up process … yawn.

Side note. So many more businesses are guilty of this. How hard is it to update the basics to be on brand and show you’ve put thought into every part of your product? could be doing it better Jason. It could be being an example of caring, of keeping in touch, of staying top of mind with people who care, who want to know, who want to be first to know.

It doesn’t take much to execute on that. It’s simple. It’s human. It shows you care.