Top Four Email Marketing Strategies For 2017

Posted by Spike Email Marketing

top 4 - Top Four Email Marketing Strategies For 2017

Gone are the days where sending monthly newsletters are enough to stay top of mind with your database. Gone are the days where you can only offer deals within your emails.

And, gone are the days where you can send email without a proper strategy.

Every email campaign needs to be a part of a strategy, do you have yours sorted?

In this article, I’ll be taking you through my Top Four email marketing strategies. Let’s go!

4: Email automation cycle

Email automation cycles are a super-effective way to reach and communicate with your targeted segments. You are able to put different segments in the cycle, analyse their behaviour, and make changes that work for each segment.

An email automation cycle consists of sending a set number of emails to a subscriber after they’ve triggered an action. This action could be the purchase of a product, a click on a certain advertisement, or a sign up to the database.

By setting up an email automation cycle, you are removing the labour from sending an effective campaign that would bring sales.

An example of an automated email cycle:

A prospective customer comes to your website and downloads a PDF about a service/product of yours, entering their email address to download. A scheduled email series would then be sent to that prospective customer regarding the product that they showed interest in.

You could have an automated cycle set up for when a prospective customer doesn’t open their emails for set number of days. Or, you could use an automated email cycle to upsell after a sale.

Email automation cycles are a great way to act on a consumer’s action. But, if done wrong it could annoy your prospective customer into unsubscribing.

3: Anti sales strategy

The non-sales approach email consists of sending emails that aren’t selling anything. This email could include things from within the office that were interesting or things from around the web that you’ve found interesting.

At Spike, we’ve changed up our ‘Spike News” to reflect this strategy. Each Sunday evening we send out our digest of the interesting articles and posts we’ve seen throughout the week. We also add a book/movie recommendation from within the office and put together a Spotify playlist of all the tunes we’ve been listening to.

Our weekly is getting great results, boasting over a 20% click through rate – which is pretty awesome. (You can sign up here, just scroll down the page a little and you’ll see)

2: Text only emails

Sending text only emails is a recent trends coming out of the tech industry in San Francisco. A text only email is a great way to communicate with your database on a personal level. With text only emails, it appears as if you’re sending personal email the the client. This works as it looks as if they’re receiving a personalised email from the CEO of a company, which will lead to an element of trust.

By sending text only emails, you are breaking up the noise within a prospective customer’s inbox.

Beware: If you rely on sending plain text emails too much, it may create an perspective of unprofessionalism. You can’t only use text only emails, but they’re a great way to break up the noise.

1: Dynamic email campaigns

Sending a dynamic email campaign is technically advanced, and you may not be able to pull this one off alone. But, dynamic email marketing is the future of email marketing. You can track buyer behaviour to an individual level and offer personalised deals on items and service offers that will have a much higher likelihood to convert.

Dynamic email uses algorithmic software that identifies what your prospective customer will be likely to purchase and it will send it to them via email.

This advanced strategy will allow you to compete with the likes of Amazon in your email marketing.

Bonus: Welcome emails.

A well thought out welcome campaign can do two things.

1. Act as a double opt-in to help with inbox placement because a quick response (click here or reply) help that a lot.

2. Be an awesome introduction to the best things about you, your product or service while they wait for your next regular email marketing coms.


Top 4(+1)! I always like thinking about subjects like these to figure out what strategy is working best and I hope you’ll put them to good use soon. If you need help setting these up in your business Contact Us.