Four Simple Ways to Integrate Automation Into Your Email Marketing

Posted by Spike Email Marketing

Here are four simple ways to integrate automation into your email marketing

1: Abandon cart emails

These emails are simple to set up but will have a major effect on keeping you top of mind and converting prospective customers. Abandon cart emails are set up as a trigger to respond to anyone that leaves items in the cart on your web-store. It’s important to have this going, as people forget that they want your stuff.

#protip: Stand out by using your own copy and images. Don’t just copy and paste the standard template.

2: Welcome email campaign

This is so simple, that so many companies forget about it! Make sure people feel welcomed when they sign up to your list. Sending them an information booklet, an offer code, or even simply a hello – will allow you begin communicating with your prospective customer. By sending this email, you’re ensuring the expectations for future email marketing from you are set.

#protip: Modify the standard templates and for your tone of voice think about the best shop assistant you’ve ever met, what did they say that made you feel so awesome you told your friends.

3: Re-engagement campaigns

Re-engagement campaigns are perfect for ensuring that people who are likely to unsubscribe are integrated back into communications. If you ensure that there is an automation set up that captures people just before they leave, you’ll have a more fulfilled, healthy, and clean database that performs better and buys more.

Re-engagement campaigns are triggered after a member of your database does not open/interact with your emails after a certain amount of time. An email will then be sent out to that customer which will give them an offer code/special deal. If they then do not interact, they will be removed from the database – leaving it clean.

#protip: Whiteboard this so you have the workflow sense tested, then, test it.

4: Customer journey

You can map out a new customer’s entire journey through email marketing, meaning they will be more likely to return as a customer. If you have, say, a 6 step email marketing automation that leads right up to the point when the customer should be likely to purchase again, it’s a great opportunity to keep them as a customer. This will also keep them engaged in a way that won’t be annoying and will keep them interested.

#protip: Whiteboard these and keep them in front of you then ask for customer feedback. That will be the quickest way to have a successful workflow.


I’d recommend not making your emails about your company.

Make them about the consumer, what do they find interesting, what could they find helpful after their last purchase. Take note of how long before your customers are likely to purchase again and ensure that they receive a call-to-action to return.

#protip: We’ve changed our Spike News from about us to about our customers. The engagement more than doubled, which was nice, but the feedback we receive weekly is awesome! People like it. That’s the feedback you want too.

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