The Unsubscribe Model: Revolutionising Email Marketing.

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unsubscribe model - The Unsubscribe Model: Revolutionising Email Marketing.

The Spike Unsubscribe Model identifies people on the database who are starting down the slippery slope towards unsubscribing.

slippery slope - The Unsubscribe Model: Revolutionising Email Marketing.

Using machine learning our Data Scientist has identified with 95% accuracy the point at which email subscribers show the behaviour that ends with an unsubscribe.

unsubscribe graph - The Unsubscribe Model: Revolutionising Email Marketing.

Stats from a clients database

So what’s so exciting about this? (Apart from how cool it is…)

Now that these people can be identified, they can be targeted for a re-engagement campaign to either prevent them from unsubscribing, you can adjust the frequency they receive emails, or you could change their segmentation status leading to new forms of communication.

These interactions could take the form of emails, direct mail, SMS messages, or anything else and would effectively be a lifecycle campaign. Whereas the onboarding lifecycle campaign is triggered by signing up, this lifecycle is triggered by email engagement.

The reasoning behind this project is to not only increase the retention rates of your subscribers but also boost open and click-through rates. By removing subscribers who don’t interact with your campaigns this will also allow you to have a more engaged list, better response and way better delivery or inbox placement.

The Spike Unsubscribe Model will revolutionise the way companies deal with their database. Things will change, all the way from the way people track signups to the database, to autoresponders, through to general email communication.

…And we’re excited to say that we’re the ones bringing it to businesses everywhere.

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