The TOP Five Mistakes You’re Making In Email Marketing

Posted by Spike Email Marketing

top5 - The TOP Five Mistakes You’re Making In Email Marketing

Now, we’ve done hundreds of our famous audits I recently asked the guys what are the Top 5 mistakes businesses are making in their email marketing.

1. For MailChimp users, their lists are not properly segmented.
It is very rare that we see a list from Mailchimp users that are properly segmented. And we know this because it can be quite hard to segment a list. And another thing that they like to do is that instead of making a segment, they will create a new list every time they send an email. Pro tip: Just have ONE list that you add to from everywhere. We’ve seen one account with 51 list, now that’s a lot of list.

2. Failed to add pre-header text
It’s because most people do not know HTML. I think when you’re building an email, many of theses platform that has pre-existing templates has “view online” or other unnecessary components. It’s a complete waste of space. Pro tip: You have the From line which is trust. Your Subject line which is curiosity. And pre-header, which is hidden in the code, creates more interest to get people to open your email and it’s not a waste of space.

And this is not a new thing, I’ve been saying this for about 16 years now, it’s valuable real estate. So, think about your pre-header.

3. Frequency of campaigns, either too low or too high. Most of the time, it is too low.
It’s very rare though, that we see too high on the frequency, it’s general too low. Most of the time, we see businesses who needs to send more email. It’s not spam, believe us. You’re just staying top of mind.

4. Poor Subject Line
People will go “oh, that’ll will do” and send the email. No! The key question to ask yourself when formulating the subject line is “would I open this?”. If there’s even a small doubt in your mind that perhaps you won’t be opening the email if you receive it, then stop and don’t be afraid to spend more time, even 10 minutes if needed, to create a subject line. Pro tip: Think about why you’re sending the email and what’s in the email. Think about those things and make in congruent. And always remember that question “would I open this?”.

5. Missing Alt tag/text
It’s unthinkable for me that many businesses are lacking on this aspect. It’s a huge opportunity being missed. By setting up the Alt Tags/Text, you can actually make your email prettier when people open it without images. The other things is that many people nowadays open their email with readers. You also have to think about blind people, those who have a hard time seeing because there’s a big chance that you don’t know who’s reading these things. But basically, it also helps with delivery. You need to tick all the boxes to get your email in their inbox.

So to recap, the top five things we’ve seen out of a hundred audits to date: for MailChimp users, their lists are not properly segmented, failed to add pre-header text. The third is the frequency of campaigns, either too low or too high. Most of the time, it is too low. Poor Subject Line and missing alt tag/text.

Don’t forget to check these things the next time you send your email campaign and if you need some help with any of these Contact Us. We’d love to help!