A few thoughts on ‘success’

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

What does it mean to be successful?

If you’ve ever read about what people say to hospice staff, they never mention the money they made or the fame they had. On the contrary, they talk about family, friends and experiences.

We often ask ourselves, when we’re wallowing in some existential crisis of our own making.

Why do some succeed and others, like me fail? Why?

This appears to have been a question we’ve asked ourselves since we became dissatisfied with caves and tried to find ways to make life more comfortable.

So, here are some examples of a successful person’s traits that might help answer the question for you:

  • The successful person thinks before they speak
  • The successful person knows precisely what they desire and plan for it
  • The successful person budgets time, income and expenditures and lives within their means
  • The successful person takes a keen interest in people, cultivating friendships
  • The successful person keeps their mind and outlook on life positive at all times
  • The successful person knows their success depends on the quality and quantity of service they render
  • The successful person is where they are because of the mental attitude they have towards themselves and others.

If you reread those again, you’ll notice there is a lot less “I’ and a lot more ‘we’. That is being of service to others and doing the best you can.

Over the next few weeks make the time to read books that will stimulate and motivate you. If you’d like some examples I’m putting a list together and can send it to you. Reply, ‘books’ and I’ll send you the list this week.

Tip to read more books: have a book with you at all times and when you go to pick up your phone, pick up the book instead. You’ll be amazed at how many books you will read if you do this. I’ve just started again and I’m getting through Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott at a much better rate.

This is the week we’re really back into it. The first full week my kids will be back at school.

I’m going to work on the success list and have great stories to tell my family and hospice staff.

Have a great week.