The best time to send emails

Posted by Spike Email Marketing

We found this cool infographic about email on Idealog (although it’s originally from Get Response‘s blog) For all of those people who constantly ask us when is the best time to send an email, here’s what analysing 21 million emails turned up.

However, if everyone else is reading the same, then I would probably suggest looking at doing the opposite…

Just a thought!

This gives a good idea about optimal email timing, but we don’t know what industries are covered here – so testing is still the best approach to working out when to send.

In my opinion, choosing a time and being consistent is the best way to get opened. Why? Because it turns up when you said it was going to turn up… and that’s all part of building the trust and loyalty that gets you talked about at bars and BBQs. And that’s what it’s all about, right?

Check out the infographic and work out a time you could send your emails out for maximum engagement.

Best Time To Share Infographic - The best time to send emails