Our thoughts exactly! Optimising emails for mobile.

Posted by Spike Email Marketing

Another infographic – this time from our friends at Return Path.

It mirrors much of what we are seeing in our own stats and reinforces the importance of optimising your emails for mobile. Here are a few outtakes for you.

Email Mostly Mobile
Email opens on mobile were up 300% from October 2010 to October 2012. It’s an understatement that that gain is huge.

Consumers Bank at Their Desks, Shop on their Phones
Consumers still don’t trust their phones security-wise but I expect that will change very quickly as banks roll out secure and useful apps.

The main takeaway for us is that people check their emails on multiple devices daily. You need to be thinking about mobile first. People are inherently lazy, that is they’re thinking about the most efficient way to do things. They’re buying in when they’re at home or work and mobile is the most convenient way to do that. Think mobile first.

Return Path Email Mostly Mobile1 - Our thoughts exactly! Optimising emails for mobile.