Resolutions and other promises that don’t hold water

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In this week’s, MondayMotivator.

  • The human tendency to overpromise: Often, resolutions made impulsively during emotional moments lack realistic planning or practicality.
  • Precision in resolutions: Emphasise setting practical, achievable, and manageable goals to avoid discouragement when unable to fulfil them.
  • Approach with determination: Make decisions calmly, devoid of emotional stress, and take control through discipline and confident action to ensure successful realisation of resolutions.

As human beings, we tend to over-promise ourselves. Like that New Year’s resolution, you were positive you would keep.

It is so easy to abandon our promises to ourselves amid festive cheer – to be fit, stop smoking, lose weight, improve my life, etc. You may have made a resolution, but it was probably more of a wish or a want than what you could realistically achieve—perhaps made in a hasty moment of regret, shame or just because you felt dissatisfied with your current situation or condition.

When you make a resolution, be precise about it.

Make sure it is practical, achievable and manageable so you won’t be discouraged if you cannot keep it.

Be determined, especially when the time comes for action. Make decisions about your resolutions when you are calm and not under emotional stress that clouds your judgment.

Take control through discipline and action through confidence.

There is an excellent Latin quote: Age quod agis (Do what you are doing)

In other words – Get on with it!

Thought for the week.

“My resolutions will be carefully thought out, planned and based on an honest judgement of my capabilities and not just on my emotions. I will give myself wholly to the task at hand and not attempt anything half-heartedly nor waste my energy. I will be confident of its outcome and disciplined in its realisation.”