From the Ponsonby News – Odd jobs: a blast from the past!

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glenn spikeit article small 371x1024 - From the Ponsonby News - Odd jobs: a blast from the past!In July 2006, our very own Glenn Edley featured in the Ponsonby News magazine. Back then, Spike was called SpikeIT (founded in 2004) but already Glenn was making waves with managed email marketing.

If you’ve ever met Glenn in person, you know that what he talks about in the article still applies – consistency, reliability and flexibility. A bunch of his clients from 2006 are still with us today because of it!

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Marketing entrepreneur Glenn Edley formed his business Spikeit two years ago to provide managed e-mail marketing for businesses which need to communicate effectively with their clients. Based in the heart of Ponsonby and above Masterworks Gallery Glenn says that the concept of managed e-mail marketing saves time and money for businesses that would invariably have to hire or use a staff member to do that job. Glenn’s clients range from Salescoach and ITmaniacs through to Roverland and as he says, “I enjoy helping any size of business send professional e-mails that get through and deliver their message. Our office is local and enjoys a stunning view of the city from our ‘creative bubble’.”

“I have learnt to never say can’t because invariably we can! You need to be a good listener, and we all have four ways to listen – two eyes and two ears. Asking good questions that gain better answers about a client’s business allows us to do something that works for them. Being creative and flexible for my customers is important as one template does not fit all. Reliability is also key. Doing what we say we will do when we said we will do it. You need to also be persistent and consistent as well as focusing on what we do best and are passionate about – managed e-mail marketing and finally, keeping positive! Smile, smile, smile!”

“Working from a great office in Ponsonby and not being far from the action. Good cafes, shops, the Foodcourt and Rob the Baker. Having great clients who are willing to “think outside the square”, try something new that usually works. Meeting people, who have done the hard yards, are still smiling and who provide inspiration and ideas for the Monday Motivator.”

“I can think of none, and why would there be when you work for yourself and are in control of your life and its direction?”

Do you always get the Monday blues following the weekend? You can receive Glenn’s ‘Monday Motivator’ by going to www.monday

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