Hey! Our footer is famous. Thanks Linda!

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Linda Coles had nice things to say about the footer of our last Spike news email in her blog entitled What Marketing Opportunities Are You Missing?

“We all get email newsletters, some better than others and today I got one that made me change the way I do things too. At the footer, there was the usual unsubscribe and contact address but Spike went one stage further. They used the space to clearly add their contact details but also what it is they actually do in very simple terms. No waffle, it’s easy to understand and so much better than ‘email marketing solutions’ or some such.”

(And she didn’t even notice the easter egg link we left under the Spikehog! haha)

Are you making use of your footer? Most emails we see tend to have the generic guff from the platform being used to send it.

footer basic - Hey! Our footer is famous. Thanks Linda!

We think that’s lazy. For example it shows you’re not using a paid version of Mailchimp = cheap!

Have a think about your footer. Are you leaving people with the right impression?