Email is still not dead – in fact, it rocked in 2012!

Posted by Spike Email Marketing

Who knew email performed really well in 2012? We did.

Who knew clicks and open rates were up? We did.

It’s because email is measurable… so, it’s pretty simple really!

US email marketing company, Litmus, share our sentiments – and one of their recent articles sets out to really celebrate email and flog the dead horse to remind readers that email is far from dead!

Not only was email the most popular online activity of 2012, but it also has higher click-through rates, conversion rates and ROI than other channels. And this trend is only going to continue — 56% of marketers plan to increase their email marketing budgets this year, which makes email the leading source of marketing investments. And what about the whole mobile movement? Yeah, that’s only fueling the popularity of email, now that people can send and receive email wherever and whenever they want.

They even made this snazzy infographic to convince you of the virtues of email (in case you weren’t already convinced…) And – if you want to read their full article, you can do so by clicking here.

reign of email infographic 540x1569 - Email is still not dead - in fact, it rocked in 2012!