Anti-spam organisation, Spamhaus, answers marketers burning questions

Posted by Spike Email Marketing

Anti-spam organisation, Spamhaus, has recently opened up a forum with marketers whereby they answer burning questions. To read them click here and get the answers to the following:

What is the right way to send marketing e-mail?
How not to do what spammers do…
What is “confirmed opt-in” (COI)?
How can we improve deliverability?
How should we handle unsubscribe requests?
How should we handle spam complaints?
What about purchased or rented lists?
What to do about older, stale email lists (which are not purchased) but that have not been well maintained?
What is the Spamhaus policy regarding E-pending (Email-appending)?
What happens to contact lists when two companies merge, or a company is acquired?
Regarding listwashing, waterfalling, and verification services
Recommended reading for any email marketing company

Having had dealings with Spamhaus in the past, we found the guts of their argument to existing pretty easy to understand, the basic premise being – use email marketing best practices and you won’t get blacklisted.

They are kind of like the Reserve Bank of the Internet. They’re a blunt, but effective instrument. However, that is not to say their big slap approach won’t affect us in the future. I guess you’ll just have to watch this space…