3 Simple Ways To Get More Advertising Clicks

Posted by Spike Email Marketing

Advertising online is a game that is constantly changing. Access to new information and techniques are always sough after in an attempt to boost conversion. While many marketing teams look to use colors,words and special effects as a means to get you click through, the team at Think With Google have others ideas.

Think With Google have presented an infographic (they are so trendy right now) which touts that advertising size and placement are essential to grabbing the viewers attention.

Here at Spike we always like to look at the world through an email marketing perspective. In many ways Googles findings do have prevalance in our craft as click throughs are the name of the game for us aswell. So while reading the following, take into consideration how these findings could be useful for your next email newsletter or sales campaign.

So without further delay here are 3 simple ways to get more advertising clicks.

1) Page Position
The most viewable position for your ad is right above the ‘fold’ not at the top of the page. This finding came as a surprise to me and probably has you wondering what/where is the ‘fold’?

The image below visually displays the location of the ‘fold’

pagefold - 3 Simple Ways To Get More Advertising Clicks

So something as simple as finding the ‘sweet spot’ on your page could boost your conversion

2) Ad Size
While page position is important so is the size of the advertisment. Adverts that are longer rather than wider tend to get the best results as they were viewed longer by people scrolling down. The image below shows the different click through rates for the various advert sizes.

adsize - 3 Simple Ways To Get More Advertising Clicks

3) Above Fold

While the ‘above the fold’ rule previously stated, is simple to abide by. You must also take into consideration that ‘above the fold’ does not always equal viewability, as sometimes those below the fold are viewable. However percentages do lie with ads ‘above the fold’ as indicated below

image3 - 3 Simple Ways To Get More Advertising Clicks

These simple tips could boost your click through rates whether it be for you next email or advertising campaign.

For more information of these findings click here.